Getting Started with Workers


What is Workers?

Workers is a new feature that allows you to run complex queries, such as wildcard or regex, without timing out. Instead of executing the query on the web server it is sent to remote workers. These workers will execute the query on your behalf and return the results back to you. 

You must have an active subscription to utilize workers. This feature is available to all paying users during beta testing.


Beta Limits

Some features of workers are not ready yet so they are currently disabled.

Disabled Features:

  • Queue tiers
  • Specify page


Basic Concepts

  • Last 15 jobs are shown on dashboard
  • Results are only available up to 2 hours after completion
  • You can requeue previous jobs
  • 2 minute cooldown after successful job creation (Time subject to change after beta)


Downloading Results

  • Supported Formats: csv, txt (Coming soon)
  • Captcha required for download

Reporting Bugs & Feedback

Workers is currently in beta testing and we rely on users to report bugs and give feedback. If you wish to contribute please follow the guidelines below.

  1. Create a new support request by clicking here
  2. Select "Website" as the product
  3. Select "Bug Report" as the department
  4. Fill out the template below


Error Message:
Steps to reproduce:
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