Private API Application Guideline



All users applying for private API access will be strictly vetted. Throughout this process, you will be required to provide information that will help us to determine if your access to the API program may cause any harm or violate our policies.

We Leak Info will not approve any applicants whose aim is to create a product which competes with itself. 

We Leak Info reserves the right to deny any application, for any reason, at its own discretion.


Acceptable Use Cases

  • Public or private research
  • Commercial product which does not compete with We Leak Info
  • Internal tools within company or organization
  • Government & Military
  • Law enforcement
  • School sponsored project or research


How to Apply

  1. Create an account
  2. Navigate to Account Settings
  3. Verify your email address
  4. Create a new support request
  5. Choose "API" as the product
  6. Choose "Request Access" as the type
  7. Use the template below to complete the application
  8. Submit request

Our team will review your application and respond within 24 hours.






Which resources would you like access to? (Search or Hash):

How many queries will you perform per month?:

What search types will you use (If applicable):

Use Case: 


What if my application is denied?

If your application is denied, you will only be able to re-apply if the purpose or the entire application itself has been changed.

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